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    Bespoke Product Development and Formulation

    Our bespoke service offers you a personal service in the development and formulation of natural skincare products for your own label cosmetics, offering you custom products to meet your specific requirements.

    All products are handmade to order ensuring quality skincare and maximum shelf life.

    As all of our products are handmade, we only undertake small scale manufacturing. However, we have a minimum order policy of 50 units per product.

    We can supply your finished product in your own bottles and jars or we can supply the products in 1 litre or 5 litre containers so you can fill your own bottles.

    If you decide to order bespoke products, please contact us at [email protected] so we can discuss your requirements.

    Bespoke products we can make for you:

    • Bath Oil
    • Bath Salts
    • Bath Milk Powder
    • Bath Sherbet
    • Body Scrub
    • Foot Scrub

    Finished products into customers own containers
    We can supply your finished product in your own bottles and jars. Filling is charged at 40p per unit.

    Actual Fill and Visual Fill
    All unit costs given to customers are for actual fill. If containers chosen by the customer require additional product fill adding for visual appearance this will be charged for on top of the actual fill cost. Sample containers will be requested prior to manufacture for ‘fill checking’.

    Before bespoke formulated products are to be filled into the customers own packaging, you must ensure that your packaging is compatible and suitable for cosmetic grade products and ingredients. Any containers supplied by you, the customer, must be sterile and suitable for manufacturing. Unsterile bottles can contaminate and spoil products leading to a shorter shelf life, for which we cannot be held responsible. Please ensure you also supply the closures with your containers. Unfortunately, we are unable to store surplus containers for customers.

    We can undertake the application of the labels to bottles and jars. Contact us on [email protected] for further details.

    Product Labelling: It is your responsibility to make sure all your labelling is correctly laid out, legally compliant, and makes no false claims.

    Cosmetic Compliance and Customer Responsibilities: Before your products can be placed for retail, it is your responsibility to obtain a Cosmetic Safety Assessment for each product. You must also upload all your product information to the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. As from July 2013, new regulations require all new products placed on the market within the EU are to be placed on the CPNP portal. If you need help with CPNP registration, we can set up your portal account and upload your details for you at a cost of £250.00 per product.

    Design Service

    We can offer a full design service from our experienced designer who works with our customers to ensure that their product packaging is attractive, reflects their brand identity and will appeal to their customers. Read more.

    • Lip Balm
    • Facial Oil
    • Beard Oil
    • Body Butter
    • Body Oil
    • Massage Oil
    • Foot Balm
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