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    Aches Away Bath Oil with May Chang, Rosemary & Sweet Marjoram Essential Oils (100ml)

    Aches Away Bath Oil with May Chang, Rosemary & Sweet Marjoram Essential Oils (100ml)

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    A rich and luxurious bath oil with May Chang, Rosemary and Sweet Marjoram pure essential oils can help ease and relax sore, tight and aching muscles, whether it be from a strenuous workout or the daily rigours of life. RRP £9.00.


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    Our Aches Away Bath Oil also contains Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, Omega 6 and Vitamin E, which will leave your skin hydrated and silky smooth.

    Aches Away Bath Oil – Naturally Active Ingredients and Their Known Benefits

    • May Chang – known as ‘the Oil of Tranquility’ for its powerful effect in promoting physical relaxation. A calming, de-stressing, relaxing essential oil, which is helpful for those in need of a deep sleep. A good skin tonic with natural antimicrobial properties and also helpful in easing sore tense muscles.
    • Rosemary – invigorating, stimulating and reviving. Helps combat fatigue and is a great muscle ease. Consequently, it is good for general aches and pains.
    • Sweet Marjoram – relaxing and warming. Also known to help ease and relax sore, tight and aching muscles, whether it be from a strenuous workout or the daily rigours of life. Thus it is beneficial for muscular stiffness, helping to reduce the pain of rheumatism and arthritis
    • Jojoba Seed Oil – when applied to the skin, jojoba acts as a humectant by creating a protective film over the skin and hair which seals in moisture and reduces water loss, therefore making it an effective moisturiser, softener and conditioner. Rich in anti-oxidants and with natural anti-inflammatory properties, it is also known to help unclog pores and reduce impurities.
    • Sunflower Seed Oil – this healing and soothing oil is a great natural moisturiser with natural anti-inflammatory properties. High in antioxidants and nutrients, this anti-ageing oil with cell renewal properties can help prevent wrinkles, premature ageing and heal damaged and sun-damaged skin. Especially rich in vitamins A, D and E, essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, palmitic and stearic acids, all of which are crucial in improving and maintaining healthy skin.
    • Vitamin E – one of the most powerful antioxidants and known for its wonderful skincare properties. As well as having great cell renewal properties, vitamin E also protects and repairs your skin by neutralising the oxidant effect of free radicals. Because of this, it helps improve skin elasticity, preventing lines and wrinkles. It also helps healing and reduces scarring.

    Directions: Add 3 or 4 capfuls of bath oil into bath under running water. Suitable for use in both bath and jacuzzi.

    Safety: Avoid contact with eyes. Oils may make bath slippery. Do not use if pregnant, due to the pure essential oils in this product.


    Other Bath Oils available in our range:

    Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower seed oil)
    Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba oil)
    Tocopherol (vitamin E)
    Litsea Cubeba (May Chang essential oil)
    Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary essential oil)
    Origanum Marjorana (Sweet Marjoram essential oil)
    Geraniol *
    Linalool *
    Citral *
    Citronellol *
    Limonene *
    Eugenol *
    * Occurs naturally in essential oils.

    Additional Information

    Weight 150 g
    Dimensions 50 × 50 × 120 mm


    1. I have used this once, and I felt so relaxed after what was a horrible day. I have an autoimmune disorder, and Im always looking for ways to help my pain. I slept better, and my skin felt soft, so I think it did what it claims, it eased my aches. They wont ever go away, but for a few hours my I got some respite. I look forward to using it again. Thank you

    2. Have just got out of the bath and I must say this oil is amazing! Beautiful smell and really did help with my back pain. Pretty sure the effect will not be long lasting, but still highly recommend.

    3. 3rd time I’ve reordered it – think this speaks for itself

    4. Wonderful oil…really relaxing bath!

    5. Lovely relaxing oil, you feel so good after a soak, bought this a few times. I will be buying more. Thank you

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